DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

DIY Teacher Appreciation Gift Ideas

Is it just me or is there a National (fill in the blank) Day Every. Day. Like, they didn’t have these days when I was younger. I didn’t go to school and we were celebrating National Grilled Cheese Day or National Bacon Day in the cafeteria. Although I can get down with both don’t get me wrong. But it seriously feels like we’re randomly creating all of these holidays to celebrate all the time making it harder than ever to keep up.

There were days though that I do remember “celebrating” for lack of a better word. Take your kid to work day, Administrative Professionals Day (which was this week) and Teacher Appreciation Day. With that said, next week is Teacher Appreciation Week and when I realized it was coming up when my SIL texted me and told me it was next week and suggested I do this blog post, I knew I had to do something for Liam’s teachers because they are the absolute best. Seriously though, we really lucked out when we picked his daycare and the teachers truly love him and make us feel so much better about having to leave him while we go to work.

I’ve rounded up a few ideas of easy, DIY gifts to take to teachers to thank them for everything they do for your child(ren). These would also be great for end of the year gifts as well since that is right around the corner.


  1. 3-ingredient Sugar Scrub – I first made sugar scrub as a favor for my SIL’s baby shower 2 years ago and have loved having it on hand ever since! Pro tip: scrub your legs with this and then shave your legs. Best shave of your life. Thank me later.


  • 2 cups granulated sugar
  • 1 cup coconut oil
  • a few dashes of your favorite essential oil (I have used Lavender and Grapefruit and love them both!)

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl until everything is well combined and place in air tight containers. Store in a cool, dry place.

2. Chill Pills – Free printable from Cook.Craft.Love.

I thought this was a super cute idea so I used the printable she offers and just cut it out and taped it on a 2 Ball jars we already had at the house and filled it with some candy. Super cute, easy and cheap if you already have some mason jars on hand.

3. “Hand’s Down” the best teacher Hand Sanitizer/Soap – Eighteen25

Let’s be real, every teacher, daycare or otherwise, needs LOTS of hand sanitizer or soap. Because kids are germ factories. This is a great way to give them a cute but functional gift they can use in their classroom.

4. “Scent”sational TeacherIt’s a Fabulous Life

If your kid’s teacher loves candles (really, who doesn’t love candles?) this is also a cute idea and again, something functional they can use either in their classroom or at home.

5. We “Donut” we would do without you printable tag from Happiness is Homemade

Because donuts.

6. Monogram Chalk “Slate” from Maison de Pax

It’s no secret that I love a monogram so this is a no brainer.

 7. “Sweet” Thank you Printable from Fun Squared

Great if you love to bake sweet treats!

8. “Muffin” like a great teacher printable from Domesticated Lady

Again great for those who love to bake. And who doesn’t love muffins?

What do you plan to do for the teachers in your life?

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