Let’s Talk Tuesday #17

Let’s Talk Tuesday #17

Given that I am unbelievably excited for the unofficial start of Fall, today’s Let’s Talk Tuesday post is going to be Fall themed. #basic

Let's Talk Tuesday #17 - Weekly ramblings of a Millennial Mom each Tuesday - The Blessed Mess Blog - www.theblessedmessblog.com
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  1. If you haven’t been able to tell yet, Fall is my favorite and all of the leaves changing is one of my favorite parts of fall (other than pumpkin spice obvi). We are lucky enough to live within 2 hours of 2 of the top 10 places to view Fall leaves in the South! Whoop whoop!
  2. Fun Fact: I specifically wanted a fall wedding so we could have photos taken with the changing leaves! That and I didn’t want it to be 2423958 degrees outside.
  3. Is anyone else amped up for College Football season?? We’re not very big into NFL football in our house but love us some Florida State Seminoles so I will definitely be putting some of these football recipes to use over the next couple of months! Go Noles!
  4. Carter’s was running a Labor Day sale over the weekend (along with every other store) and I took advantage of the opportunity to snag Liam some new colder weather gear. I’m sure it will surprise you to know that in that haul I got him a jack-o-lantern long-sleeve t-shirt and a glow in the dark skeleton bones t-shirt. Can’t stop won’t stop. I also used Ebates and got $1.45 back on my purchase just for buying stuff I was already going to buy! Seriously, if you’re shopping online and not using Ebates you’re throwing money away!
  5. Based on social media, I feel like I am the only person on Earth who hasn’t gotten a Pumpkin Spice Latte yet. I want one, trust me I just haven’t gotten around to it yet. Plus, I feel like you have to drink it warm and I drink my drinks iced 99% of the time and it’s still 90 degrees.
  6. We were out of town for part of the weekend so I haven’t gotten out my Fall decorations yet but I popped into Home Goods while I was waiting for my rings to be cleaned and OMG! I seriously wanted half the store. I already have this problem as it is but throw in a ton of festive decor and holy moly I was in trouble. I loaded my arms up with stuff and then walked around the store and talked myself out of things and put them back. Ugh. The struggle is real y’all.
  7. When is the ideal apple picking time? I feel like late September? If you go in October all of the good apples are gone but sometimes I feel like I need it to be cooler for me to want to go pick apples. Can’t wait to hit up Carter Mountain!
  8. Speaking of Carter Mountain, I’m really not a donut kind of girl. Everything bagels all the way. However, as soon as you get out of the car I can smell those delicious Apple Cider Donuts and we have to get some! They’re just too good to pass up!
  9. Fall also means boot season and I really want a new pair of black boots. I absolutely love my Sam Edelman Penny Boots that I have in the color Whiskey and they also come in black but don’t know that I want two of the exact same boot. Only problem is, I have the largest calves on the planet and am limited to wide, or as Sam Edelman calls it, Athletic, calf styles. I’m kind of feeling these but they also legit remind me of my riding boots I had when I rode horses and I’m not sure how I feel about it.
  10. I’m dying to do some Fall baking! We’re trying to keep it healthy over here but I really want to make some pumpkin or apple spice bread soon. Give me all of your recipes!
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