Let's Talk Tuesday - The Blessed Mess

Let’s Talk Tuesday

Let’s Talk Tuesday

Happy Tuesday y’all and welcome to the 2nd installment of Let’s Talk Tuesday!


  1. These breadsticks and homemade pizza sauce with buttermilk ranch need to get into my life like yesterday.
  2. I just discovered Cat & Nat on Facebook and their video on Why Mommy Drinks and it is absolutely hilarious. Their #momtruthfriday series? I die. Real life right there folks. Mommas, you need to check them out.
  3. I’m super excited to announce I am now an affiliate with Vital Proteins! I’m working on a post for y’all all about collagen and why I use it, its benefits, etc. Stay tuned!
  4. It was 90 degrees here over the weekend and it officially feels like summertime in Richmond. We put Liam in a baby pool at my brother and sister in law’s and he loved it! Not. He hated every second of it. To the point he was scared to get in the bathtub last night. Better luck next time?
  5. Related to the above, we have grilled out every day since Friday and it’s glorious. Is it just me or does food taste so much better when it’s been on the grill? And all I want to do is eat watermelon and lay by the pool. Momma needs some serious sun on these pasty, pale legs. Bring on summer!
  6. So, I got an Instant Pot for my birthday and have yet to christen it. I need your recipe ideas! I’m thinking of trying this barbacoa from Skinny Taste. It will be good for Cinco de Mayo this week too. Give me alllllll the recipes!
  7. I’m running the Uncorked Half Marathon this weekend and the weather is supposed to be perfect with a high of 66 (for now anyway…) so ideal running temperatures! Which should hopefully work in my favor since my training has been less than stellar…at least the race finishes with wine? There’s always a silver lining.
  8. And since I haven’t trained that well for this race, Tina’s post on Staying Active During an Injury is very timely for me. Obviously I’m hoping for a great race but knowing that my training isn’t what it should have been, this is great to keep in mind just in case.
  9. While I know he’ll out grow them before we know it, I just got Liam these baby Nikes and I’m so excited for him to wear them! He’ll be the coolest kid at daycare. Also, I had to buy them in a size 5 because the size 4’s were snug when he stands. Boys got some big feet! At this rate, I’m thinking he’s going to be a size 14 by high school.
  10. Pretty much every girl wants longer, fuller lashes, right? Well, this post by Kate helps solve that problem without extensions or applying false lashes. Which I’ve been trying to do and am terrible at. I end up with the adhesive all over my eyelid and the lashes are all cockeyed. Lash lift to the rescue! Her results are insane. Definitely need to make an appointment soon to try this out.



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