Let’s Talk Tuesday

Let’s Talk Tuesday

Happy Tuesday folks! I hope everyone had a nice weekend and that all the momma’s out there had a wonderful, relaxing Mother’s Day!

Tyler and Liam spoiled me and got me flowers, a “Bless this Mess” hat (perfect, right?) and the Ugg slippers I mentioned in my Mother’s Day Gift Guide. I guess someone has been reading the blog. ūüôā They also went and got Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Clearly they know the way to my heart! We spent the morning relaxing and catching up on DVR’d shows while Liam napped and wrapped up the day with a cookout with Tyler’s family.

Now on your regular scheduled programming, shall we?

  1. Re: Last week’s Let’s Talk Tuesday¬†, after reading this article (specifically #4 and #5), I really need to kick my Diet Coke habit once and for all…but then, what do I do with my Diet Coke Tervis Tumbler, Christmas Tree Ornament and Refrigerator magnet? Seriously people, the addiction is real.
  2. Having a baby definitely throws a wrench in the whole travel thing but this post from Jordan at Fun Cheap or Free is awesome and shares ways to save money on (mostly) international travel. I would love to plan a Europe trip for next year if all of the stars align!
  3. As Tyler and I climbed into bed last night in our freshly washed sheets, we both were talking about how clean sheet day is the best day ever. Anyone else love clean sheet day as much as we do?! Seriously, it’s the best. And if you’re really feeling sassy,¬†clean sheets AND freshly shaven legs is the best, best day ever! Tyler can’t¬†relate to that one but when the two align it truly is magical.
  4. So many thoughts on this list of cancelled and renewed TV shows for 2017-2018. Will & Grace is coming back?! Life = made. I binged on Will & Grace reruns while on maternity leave. And if they cancel Quantico I will be super bummed. Although, I’m not sure where the story line goes from here… And I really can’t believe they’re going to bring back X Files after how terrible the last season was. Seriously,¬†the first episode was good and the rest were so fake…yet we watched all of them.
  5. I would like this shirt please and thank you. A bow, one shoulder, it’s like me wrapped up in a shirt.
  6. Rose and Prosecco popsicles!! Why am I just finding out about these? Probably because they’re only in the UK and Australia. Womp Womp Womp. Guess that’s just a challenge for me to try to make some at home. Any taste tester volunteers?
  7. I can go see The Pioneer Woman ranch and lodge¬†for free?!¬†Ok, I mean we’d have to pay for flights and a hotel but whaaaaat???!!! I love me some PW!
  8. On Mother’s Day, Tyler took me to¬†Red Poppy Pickin’. Y’all. If you’re ¬†in Richmond, you¬†must check this place out! It’s like Joanna Gaines picked everything herself. And it’s 10,000 soft! WAY bigger than I would have thought from the outside. I literally could have bought the entire store.
  9. Can I get an Amen? I love salad. Like I really love it. Could probably eat it every day for the rest of my life and not get sick of it. However, if you throw berries, oranges, watermelon, etc. I’m out. I’m good with fruit salad…but not on my salad. The only exception I make to this is a fall harvest salad with apples and raisins. But literally that is it. Anyone else with me?
  10. I’ve been having some major digestive issues thanks to my Ulcerative Colitis and my recent round of Prednisone worked…while I was on it. To try to avoid going on a biologic again, I’ve decided to cut out gluten and see if that helps reduce the inflammation in my body. Look for a post on that to come!
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