Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

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Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I wanted to share a round up of some great ideas into a Gift Guide any of the mothers in your life are sure to love!

This will be my first year celebrating Mother’s Day with Liam not in my belly! I’m so blessed that he made me a Momma (gulp) almost 8 months ago and truly couldn’t be luckier. I would totally be ok with a bunch of slobbery kisses for Mother’s Day but a weeks worth of uninterrupted sleep (can I get an amen?) and Starbucks doesn’t sound all that bad as a way to celebrate. Think Liam will get the memo?

In the event he doesn’t, luckily he can refer to this super handy post to give him a few ideas. This list should cover something for every woman in your life regardless of what she’s in to.


1. Ugg Blanche Robe and/or Coquette Slippers

So, I’m fully aware that it’s May and the start of summer but, you can never go wrong with a good robe and a pair of slippers. I’m a sucker for a good robe and this one is suuuper nice and indulgent. On the same token, these slippers have been on my wishlist for a while and are really nice and cozy. I have a pair of the Ugg moccasin slippers and am not a huge fan of them with thick winter socks so these slip on ones would be nice for both winter and summer when you just need something a little more cozy. These are definitely splurge items but I’m sure the Mom who would be receiving them are totally worth it. 🙂


2. Personalized Bar Necklace

I’ve been pining over these bar necklaces by Blushes and Gold for a while now. They’re incredibly versatile and can be created with latitude and longitude coordinates, names, Roman numerals, etc. They also come in 3 different metal types depending on what the recipient prefers. Only tricky part is shipping. Since these are personalized, you have to get your order in ASAP or pay for expedited shipping in order to get them in time for Mother’s Day. Still a great idea though if you have a specific idea in mind.

3. Winc Wine Club

I actually saw Kristin mention Winc after I had the idea of including a wine of the month club in this post and knew I had to include them! I hadn’t heard of Winc before but now am super excited about the brand. To get set up, you complete a 6 question quiz about your taste preferences and they recommend 4 bottles of wine for you to try based on the quiz. Their membership is similar to a Fabletics VIP membership in that you can skip a month or cancel at anytime.

While I don’t suggest taking the quiz for the recipient so they can make sure they get wines that fit their taste preferences, you can give gift cards so they can set up their account themselves. Bonus, you can get $20 off your first order and as long as you include 4 bottles in your order, they ship for free. Score! And I’m pretty sure every Mom needs some wine, am I right?


4. Gift card to get their hair and/or nails done or a massage

I know these are kind of standard but as Mom’s, sometimes it’s hard to justify spending money on ourselves to go get a massage/get your hair/nails done. Let’s be honest, we’re practically giving half our paycheck to daycare, paying for piano lessons, insert expense here each week. But after long nights of seemingly endless nursing sessions, tantrums or dealing with a teething babe, I can’t think of a Mom who wouldn’t enjoy and deserve a little pampering at their favorite salon.

Not sure where to get a gift card? Ask her friend, husband or Mom where she likes to go if your’e not sure. I’m sure they can give you a few suggestions.

Want to score extra bonus points? Give the gift card with a homemade coupon for babysitting during the aforementioned pampering session. This girl right here is guilty of having not one, not two but three massages from Christmas that have yet to be used because its super hard to find time to cash them in. Give her the afternoon off to go get pampered and, if you’re feeling saucy, suggest she go grab lunch and have a glass of wine!


5. Aspen Bay Jay Volcano Candle

The Volcano candle is a cult favorite so it definitely deserves a mention! I always smell these when I go into Anthropology and it smells so good! It is a bit of a splurge as far as candles go though. Well, I buy $5 Walmart candles so it’s a splurge for me but not necessarily compared to Yankee Candles but that’s neither here nor there. The scent of a good candle can easily transform your toy-cluttered home to an oasis and help you unwind after a long day.


Now it’s your turn, what would you like to receive for Mother’s Day?

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