Let’s Talk Tuesday #13

Let’s Talk Tuesday #13


  1. As you may have seen on Instagram yesterday, I received this AMIR Essential Oil Diffuser and it has been life changing! We have been suffering from a family wide summer cold and Liam is also cutting a few teeth so sleep has been spotty recently. Diffuse a little lavender oil at bed time though? He calms right down and sleeps like a sweet little angel. 🙂 Get 40% off with the code AMIRHMZF.
  2. Last week I received an email from Southern Living as I do frequently and its title was 15 Southern Cities All Food Lovers Should Visit Now. Since I’m a self-proclaimed foodie, of course I opened it and much to my surprise, our little town or Richmond, VA made it on the list! While I’m slightly biased since we live here, but I feel like we have a great food scene so this was super exciting to me. Now to go to Proper Pie since that’s the only place I haven’t been yet that they mentioned!
  3. A doctor who was in labor herself delivered another lady down the hall’s baby?! I’m sorry, as a woman who has been in labor, ain’t no way (OBGYN or not) I would have been able to get up and go help someone else deliver their baby. That woman is a saint for being able to do that!
  4. I love Kate Spade and I seriously love tacos. But a taco truck bag? Really? I can’t get on board with that. Like at all.
  5. Currently drooling over this Heirloom Tomato Garlic Toast with Basil Whipped Feta. I think the only thing that would make it better is a nice runny egg on top. Yummmm.
  6. There is an entire festival dedicated to pickles?! Why are these cool things never near me? I mean Richmond has some cool festivals don’t get me wrong but a pickle festival?? I’d be all over that. Especially since I’ve been pickling everrrrything lately.
  7. We took Liam to the beach for the first time today and he did so good! He wasn’t a huge fan of the water at first but seemed to start warming up to it and loved playing in the sand. And, by the grace of God, he didn’t eat any! I was totally prepared to catch him shoving fistfuls in his mouth but he didn’t even try!
  8. Related to the above, if you’re in the market for a reusable swim diaper, the Kiko and Max swim diapers are so adorable and fantastic quality! Highly recommend it because, if you’re going to the pool/beach/lake/river a lot and running through a lot of disposable swim diapers because it really adds up!
  9. I don’t know what rock we’ve been living under but Catch Phrase is basically the most fun game ever, especially if you’re with your family! We have had so much fun tossing the game back and forth and getting into giggling fits where you’re laughing so hard you’re not even laughing out loud. And if you’re me, you’re laughing so hard you snort.
  10. Over all of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale posts I read over the past few weeks, I saw a few people rave about the Nordstrom Lingerie Pajamas. Are they all they’re cracked up to be? I mean, if I’m paying $65 for pajamas (non-anniversary sale price) they better be made of unicorns and rainbows. Just sayin’.


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