Let’s Talk Tuesday

Let’s Talk Tuesday

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Welcome back for Let’s Talk Tuesday – Weekly Ramblings of a Millennial Mom! We had a crazy busy weekend with me running the Uncorked Half Marathon on Saturday morning (race recap to come!), then watching the Kentucky Derby at my brother and sister-in-law’s, and then a baseball game Sunday afternoon. It was a gorgeous weekend but I’m pooped! It was definitely the type of weekend where you need an extra day to just sit around in your PJs before you start your week. But alas, here we are.

So let’s get to it, shall we?


  1. These money saving beauty tips are great! I know I can’t be the only one who has had a compact of makeup totally shatter and be heartbroken that it’s ruined…not anymore!
  2. I’m in the last year of my 20’s and holding on to it like there’s no tomorrow. But reading this makes me feel like I may as well take an express trip to the senior center. Seriously though, I totally had the version of those Steve Madden shoes that we’re the sandal but the full shoe. Anyone else remember those? And I won’t do crushed velvet. Nope. Not doing it.
  3. This post on  garlic roasted brussel sprouts not only sounds amazing but is SO true. I still won’t eat lima beans/butter beans…or peas. And I feared brussel sprouts until adulthood because my Mom always steamed them growing up…who wants to eat something that smells up your entire house?
  4. I recently stumbled on Pumps and Iron (if you’re not familiar with her blog specifically, there’s about a 95% chance you’ve seen her workout pins on Pinterest) on Bloglovin and her post on why she quit coffee really intrigued me. While I do drink coffee on the regular, I can go days without it and be totally fine. Diet Coke on the other hand…now that’s a completely different story. I’ve gone through the same motions with giving it up for a few months only to crave one and get right back to my old habits. I even craved it while I was pregnant. I know I should give it up…
  5. Why is this so true? I could drink 5 nights a week and eat whatever I wanted and was still thin…of course I didn’t think I was thin then but now…I’ll trade any day! Guh, getting old is the worst. 
  6. We desperately need to baby proof our house. Liam is seriously on the move and can get across the room in the blink of any eye. Yet we still haven’t done a thing to baby proof. Please give me all the tips/tricks and products you love!
  7. Samoa Cookie Pie?!  Is this real life?
  8. I really want one of these obnoxiously large monogram necklaces. I’ve seen a few fashion bloggers wear them but haven’t bitten the bullet just yet. Is it too obnoxious? Probably? Do I care? Not at all. Monograms for life!
  9. Kraft’s Swear like a Mother video is life. Son of a motherless goat!
  10. Have you seen the viral videos of this sweet little girl Mila? Her take on the woman walking slowly in front of her is so true! I don’t have time for it either, Mila. Put some pep in your step people! And she’s only two. Love it.
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