Infant Easter basket: What to fill it with?

As soon as Liam was born I was already looking forward to what to get him for Christmas, traditions to start as a family that he’ll hopefully look forward to each year, and how I can make holidays special and memorable. We loved getting him gifts for Christmas but he was only 3 months old and was definitely more excited about the wrapping paper and bows. And Valentine’s Day? Well, it’s mainly a Hallmark holiday anyway and clearly I wasn’t going to give my infant a bunch of chocolate. So Easter it was!

I may or may not (ok, I totally did) have had his entire Easter basket done for over a month in advance. Like that’s how much I was looking forward to making his first Easter basket. You know you’re a Mom when… Anyhoo, when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to put in his basket, I of course took to Pinterest because, what do you put in an infant’s Easter basket? He can’t have a chocolate bunny or jelly beans but alas, the Pinterest God’s answered and helped inspire this post.

So, let’s start with the basket. I was pining over a basket with an embroidered liner from Pottery Barn Kids but couldn’t get over the price tag. Seriously, it would have been like $60 for a freaking Easter basket and while I knew we’d be able to use it for years to come, I still couldn’t get down with that. Luckily, I stalk Zulily like it’s my job and happened to score this personalized basket for $22. Bam!

But that’s just the beginning. What do you fill it with? Naturally, he needed a cuddly stuffed rabbit that I found at Marshall’s like right after Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t joking when I said I’ve had this stuff for months just sitting in our dining room.

Next up, this kid is TEETHING. I mean drooling like a leaky faucet and chewing on anything and everything he can get his hands on. Enter the banana training¬†toothbrush¬† and teether! It’s super cute and is useful to help practice brushing his teeth once we get to that point. And what boy doesn’t need his first Football and Basketball to play with? They actually came as a set of 3 with a Soccer ball but they were bigger than I anticipated and the basket just simply wasn’t big enough for all of them so we gave it to him early to roll around on the floor and drool all over.

As part of our bedtime routine we read to Liam every night so I wanted to get him some books that were Easter themed and was super excited to get him Pat the Bunny for some reason (I guess I just remember liking it as a kid?). And then I stumbled across this book, Happy Easter, Mouse! by the same people as If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. Super cute and festive.

In true Ryan fashion, the basket is overflowing with stuff and I still want to throw a few Easter eggs filled with puffs or yogurt melts in there just for flare.

Other ideas from around the interwebs:

  • Food pouches
  • Puffs
  • Toys
  • Pacifiers
  • Sippy cups

Hopefully this helps any of you Momma’s out there who may be struggling with what to put in your little one’s baskets. And best of all? We live in a world with Amazon Prime and you can get it all in time for Easter this weekend! Seriously, what did we do before Amazon Prime?



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